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Which DJ is Right For Us!?

Picking the right entertainment for your wedding is not always an easy task. Even if you and your fiance have a favorite DJ from nights out on the town, there are several things to consider before committing to one of the most important parts of your wedding. 

Most couples want a wedding DJ who will pack a dance floor, but you also will need someone to make announcements and host your wedding. You’ll need a DJ who knows their way around sound, not just the turntables. You will have some of the most important words spoken through a microphone on your wedding day and you want to make sure it sounds crystal clear and doesn’t have any annoying feedback.

You will want a DJ with quality equipment that looks and sounds professional. If you wanted a bluetooth speaker, you would’ve brought one. It’s okay to ask your DJ for a photo/video of their set up. A wedding DJ has to work with the other vendors at your event so it’s good to have someone that is a team player. A club DJ may be used to having the limelight on them, but this is your day and everything should be focused on building special moments for you! 

You want a DJ that understands the dynamics of your guests. Weddings are known to have very diverse groups of people that can also cross several generations. All of the people on your guestlist were invited for a reason so it’s important to make them feel included in the festivities. Your DJ should be able to play for you AND your guests so everyone has a chance to celebrate. 

Be open with your DJ about your expectations of them. Some DJs may or may not want the pressure of trying to rock one of the most important days of your life. If they do, make sure you have a DJ who is confident, organized, and able to think quickly on their feet. Of course you want a DJ who can play your favorite jams, read the crowd and rock the party. You may not know if a DJ can do that until you hear them perform live. The guidelines above are all green flags that you should look out for when picking your DJ. 

Find a DJ that makes sure your grandma have a good time on the dance floor and can get you and the bridal party turnt up for a night you will never forget!