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Booking A 360 Photo Booth Rental For Your Event

What Is The 360 Photo Booth?


You might have heard of it, but are probably wondering just what exactly is the 360 photo booth? The 360 photo booth is one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences currently on the market. Widely called a 360 photo booth, it is actually a video booth that captures 120 frames a second. Users step on the platform, while a revolving video camera spins 360 degrees around to capture slow-motion video. It is one of the most creative content captures there is, and the perfect experience for client’s looking to add excitement to their live event or brand experience. There are a few videos in this article to help you get a better sense for how it works and looks at an event.

Once the session is complete, user’s can transmit the digital slow-motion video to themselves via email or text message right from the event. To make the experience more personalized, you can even apply a custom overlay graphic, backdrop, survey and more. It is the perfect addition to weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and brand activations. The 360 booth rental will generally have a two hour window for setup and can be in service for any amount of time you desire. 

We are happy to offer the 360 booth right here at Extraordinary Entertainment! We have two offerings, a standard size and XL. Our standard 360 booth can accommodate 1-3 guests depending on size, while the XL can accommodate up to 4. If you are interested in learning more or reserving the 360 booth, get in touch so we can build a package for you! 

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