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Tips for Event Planning in the age of social distancing

The current state of affairs in the social event planning world have left many wondering how best to celebrate momentous occasions that demand festivity without risking the safety of attendees.  While this is relatively untoured territory for most of us, we can thankfully turn to the wonders of modern technology and the ingenuity of event planning professionals to make our visions come to fruition despite the constraints of social distancing.  

Below we have outlined some strategies for event planning while reducing risks to public health.

  1. Safe and spacious settings

One of the primary rules that has guided all public gatherings for the last year has been social distancing.  Maintaining over six feet of space between guests is the absolute   minimum that can be done to reduce the risk of exposure; what is not as often emphasized is the importance of good ventilation.  Focus on venues that have the capacity for open windows, allowing fresh air to circulate all the time—or better yet, outdoor venues with amenities for comfort and entertainment (like our Open Air photo booth rental!)

  1. Socially-distanced activities

Active games or engaging moments in an event plan serve all kinds of purposes: team-building, for a work party; revelry for a life celebration; general entertainment for any and all groups in a gathering of any kind.  In the age of social distancing, finding a way to adapt an event to activities that allow for safe distance can be tricky.  Luckily some activities are already socially distanced to begin with! Trends like axe-throwing (with an attendant for sanitation) and virtual-reality software allow for single-person action but engage groups of people simultaneously — everyone finds excitement in the engagement of one another.

Meanwhile, some activities can be adapted to socially distanced events; step-and-repeats and open air photobooths, distanced dancing (such as dance-off competitions) and hands-free karaoke!

  1. Go Virtual!

The safest approach to any event, especially company parties or presentations, is a virtual one.  Modern technology can allow for pristine picture quality and real-time engagement with additional features like live Q-and-As and filters that are customized to the theme of the event.  Technological issues that are experienced with virtual meetings at home can be avoided with higher-quality web broadcasting equipment, video switching via live technician and optimized event planning with a production company that is experienced with the medium.