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Covid Questions When Booking Entertainment

Depending on what state or even county you are in, venue regulations due to COVID-19 can be very different. As more wedding venues open and couples become more creative with their venue options, there will be an increase in weddings. One of the most important parts to any wedding is the entertainment which can be a band, DJ, photo booth rental, light shows and more. All of these forms of entertainment are unique but have to operate similar when it comes to provide a service for your wedding.

Weddings were known superspreader events early on in the pandemic but there are some measures to help protect you, your guests, and your vendors. For the most part, vendors are at the mercy of the venue rules. If you are having an indoor wedding, you will need to understand the regulations of the venue and pass that information along to your entertainment. If masks are required to enter the venue, make sure your entertainment is aware of that and when they are able to be mask-free.

It’s important to understand how comfortable the entertainment is in a social setting. Most of the world has been on lockdown for over a year and many entertainers have been inside as well. Ask if your entertainer requires a 6 foot space away from the guests as it may not be practical for them to have on a mask during their performance. You can check to see if your entertainment will have hand-sanitizer with them, mics + hand wipes to clean the mics, and all the little things you would want to make sure you guests have to feel safe. 

Most companies will not require their employees to get vaccinated, so if you need vaccinated talent, make sure that is discussed before you book. There is no way to prevent the spread of COVID but with proper planning, you can give them the best odds to have a fun, safe celebration.