Here are questions to HELP determine whether or not you need pin spots for your centerpieces:

• Are you having an evening event?

Pin spotting is intended for evening/nighttime events. Or, if you're having a daytime event in a space without windows, pin spotting can still be effective.

We do not recommend pin spots for daytime events in window-filled spaces, as the effect won't be as dramatic as you'd like.

• Are your centerpieces large/elaborate?

If so, you've most likely spent a significant amount of money on each one. A major design mistake we've seen is spending several hundred dollars per table on floral arrangements, then opting out of pin spotting. The centerpieces get lost in the look of the room, and none of your guests can see all of the exquisite details in the flowers.

• Are your centerpieces floral arrangements?

Floral arrangements often need pin spotting in order to be seen clearly in low light. This is especially true if you're including colored uplighting or other light effects.

• Are you using other types of lighting in the room?

You may think that if you're using uplighting and other lighting effects, you don't need pin spots. In fact, the opposite is typically true. The high-end look you're trying to achieve comes from layering different types of light. The uplighting creates a colorful wash, then the pin spots create dramatic focal points and keep the room from looking like one solid color. This combination draws guests' eyes to each beautiful element in the room.

• Do you have lots of candles on each table?

If your centerpiece primarily consists of candles, pin spots aren't necessary. If you plan to use candles as accents, a gorgeous balance of light comes from a pin spot on the floral centerpiece, and 3-6 candles as accents around it.