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Whether you’re getting married yourself and looking for the perfect band for your special day or you’re a wedding planner looking to make your client’s dreams come true, it is challenging to secure live musicians that align with your values and vision.

As a professional entertainment company, we are happy to share some valuable information on how to hire live musicians for weddings!

Go Through An Entertainment Company

While you may have to pay more to book the act, dealing with an agent or manager is often a lot easier than dealing with musicians directly. Professional agencies will be liable for any issues you may run into. They will also be able to advise you about the details of the performance and give you a variety of musicians to choose from, saving you from having to do your own research.

Book In Advance

Excellent wedding musicians are in high demand, and if there is a particular musician or band that you’ve had your eye on for a while, you should book as soon as you can. Popular wedding musicians can be booked up as much as a year in advance, especially on the weekends. So to avoid disappointment, you should book as soon as you know your wedding dates and time.


This is your wedding, and you want the wedding band to be passionate about the genre of music that you’re into. While most bands can play a little bit of everything, there will probably be one sort of genre that they focus on mostly. It’s crucial to find out what the band or musician’s favorite and preferred music genre is before going ahead and hiring them.

Stick To Your Budget

Unfortunately, wedding bands and musicians can be costly. If you want a talented and memorable performance at your wedding, you might end up paying a fair amount. You could save a few bucks by booking in advance, opting for a single performer or duo act over an entire band, and having them play for a shorter time.

Looking for talented and lively musicians to make your wedding just that extra bit more special? At Extraordinary Entertainment, we manage a variety of exceptional wedding musicians for you to choose from. Contact us today to find out more!

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