15 First Dance Songs for Weddings


15 First Dance Songs for Weddings

A first dance is a very special moment that a newly married couple shares with their closest loved ones. Typically couples will decide on a song that is meaningful to them, however, sometimes they will lean on their DJ for a suggestion. Below you will find a list of songs that span many eras and genres that you can use for help with selecting a first dance song for your upcoming wedding ceremony. 

So Into You (Cover) - Childish Gambino 

Childish Gambino puts on a raw and authentic touch to this popular throwback love song.

Get You - Daniel Ceasar

Daniel Ceasar is paving the way as a leader in the next generation of R&B and his powerful yet gentle voice portrays a beautiful message in this song.

Best Part - H.E.R. x Daniel Ceasar 

Daniel Ceasar teams up with another new R&B star collaborating with H.E.R. for a beautiful love song with a perfectly harmonized chorus.

Perfect - Ed Sheeran 

Ed Sheeran won over lovers hearts with Thinking Out Loud and Photograph. Perfect is another musical masterpiece that captures the essence of love. 

All Of Me - John Legend

John Legend specializes in love and that is all you will feel while dancing to this song. 

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers 

 A timeless classic that many would refer to as the perfect slow dance song, this is also a great song to have the couples family and guests join them after a minute or so to pack out the dancefloor.

That's How Strong My Love Is - Otis Redding 

Otis Redding wrote and performed some of the country’s most heartfelt love songs. Redding professes his love in this soulful track. 

Ribbon In The Sky - Stevie Wonder

There was an entire generation of weddings that faithfully used this song, there is a reason why. 

At Last - Etta James

Another absolutely timeless classic. Etta put her heart and soul into this love ballad and you may still get goosebumps listening to it. 

Can’t Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley 

Elvis is known as the apparent king of rock and roll but in this song, he takes a gentler approach to court his love. A song everyone from the grandparents to the kids will be familiar with. 

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Almost a decade old this pop ballad by the talented Bruno Mars is an uplifting and bright love song that is bound to bring nothing but good feels. 

Speechless - Dan + Shay

This is a new country song that is guaranteed to be highly requested by couples for their first dance. Just check out the music video and you will see why. 

All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo 

An all-time R&B favorite from the 90s that is bound to give most guests a sense of nostalgia.  

Darte Un Beso - Prince Royce 

This modern Latin song by Bachata superstar Prince Royce is in one of the romance languages and has a rhythm that lures anyone to dance. Bachata is a sensual dance and this song represents every bit of that. 

Hero - Enrique Iglesias 

This is a powerful love song that will give you absolute chills. Make sure your DJ has a good sound system as you will want to immerse yourself in this love song. 


Censored Or Uncensored? That Is The Question

Censored Or Uncensored? That Is The Question

In 2017 Billboard reported over two-thirds of their number one charting songs in their Top 100 had explicit labels attached to them. There is no denying that there has been a rise in popularity of explicit lyrics in songs as streaming services have taken over. Previously the main platform for consumers to hear music was radio which required clean edits of songs for them to be aired. With streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music providing both the clean and dirty edits of songs, listeners get to decide what works best for them.

Whether you simply enjoy the original lyrics or you are an activist for freedom of speech and artist expression, it may be tempting to play the dirty edits of a song. When you do play an explicit version of a song, you are limiting your scope of listeners. Our youth may already be cussing up a storm, but if your local high school requests a mixtape from you, you can bet that it won’t just be the students that give it a listen. When Principle Sally hears the unedited Cardi B blasting in your sample, you can probably kiss that job opportunity goodbye.

Many older folks prefer songs with limited explicit lyrics as well and this is not just because they are old. Before 1984, the only explicit song to chart on Billboards number one list was Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy. Between then and 2001 there were only 5 explicit songs that charted number one. It makes sense that a song like I Love It by Kanye West (link is explicit for reference purposes) would be a bit shocking to your parents. Clean edits of songs allow you to incorporate them into your radio sets, family events, and not have to look away when your clients' grandma is about to take in Cardi’s verse in Please Me.

Make sure to give that clean version a thorough listen as not everyone has the same perspective as what may be explicit. Pitbull has plenty of “radio friendly” songs that are still sexually explicit and may not be the best for that 10-year-olds birthday party. “To the window, to the wall, to the sweat….” your crowd will fill in the words so you don’t have to bother. Even in nightclubs, clean versions won’t end up offending anyone, but the same can’t be said about a dirty version. Most music sources such as the MMP Record Pool will provide both the clean and dirty version of songs. If you can’t find a clean version that suits your set, you can always make your own clean edit using software such as Ableton or Audacity. DJ platforms such as Serato have censor options that reverse a respective part of the song making it difficult to hear. There are many options to help make your sets and mixes universally acceptable and unoffensive. A general rule of thumb if to leave the explicit versions for personal listening pleasure.

Extraordinary Entertainment Blog #1

Extraordinary Entertainment Blog #1

Tips for Couples When Choosing a Wedding DJ


If you’re in full-swing preparation for your wedding, you might still need to find a DJ. Don’t worry if the process feels overwhelming. Plenty of couples have been right where you are before! Finding a wedding DJ doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow the tips below and you’ll be well on your way!


1.    Set up a meeting

This meeting will allow you to get a feel for your wedding DJ’s personality and the atmosphere that he or she will bring to your reception. If you stick to communicating via email, you may end up with a budget-friendly option but not actually what you want. Wedding planning gets busy, and between wedding cake tasting, picking a dress, choosing a caterer, selecting a venue, and more, you may not want to schedule yet another meeting. However, know that this extra step can ensure that you end up with someone who helps make your day truly special.


2.    Playlist creation

You don’t want a one-size-fits-all wedding. Your wedding playlist shouldn’t be the same as the wedding your DJ played last week. When choosing a wedding DJ, you’ll want to talk specifically about playlist creation. How can your DJ help to create a customizable experience on your special day? How can you help incorporate your favorite songs and music tastes into the preparations? Even if you’re not a music person, this is an important piece of making sure your wedding is exactly what you want it to be.


3.    Crowd interaction

Wedding DJs are one of the largest pieces of creating a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere at your reception. Unless you want your wedding to appear like a middle school dance, then you need someone to get the party started. This is the role of the DJ, so ask him/her! DJs use all kinds of incentives that get guests onto the dance floor like playing a favorite throwback. Ask to see music demos or sample wedding performances to get a real feel for how the DJs performs. You never want there be a lull at your reception so keep that in mind when you’re chatting about crowd interaction.

4.    Song requests

If you’ve ever been in a room with a DJ, you are probably guilty of going up to request a song. We all do it! Yet, as the couple getting married, you’ll need to decide how you want to handle song requests because the DJ is bound to get them. Do you want to stick to the playlist that you create with your DJ, or are you happy to have the DJ take requests? If you’d like your DJ to take requests, then you’ll need to make that clear. If you want him to stick to the list, he should yield to your desires, while also being polite to your guests. Knowing how he’ll handle those situations and having a system in place is important.


5.    Communication

While your DJ won’t exactly be giving a toast at your wedding, you’ll want to make sure she or he is well-articulated. He/she have a major role in coordinating and announcing different aspects of your wedding. The DJ will be making sure that the right people like the photographer and videographer are in the room when it’s time for the cake to be cut. He or she will announce to your guests that the events will be happening. Communication is key and if they’re lacking the ability to create this flow then your wedding won’t go as smoothly as you’d like.


6.    Equipment and services

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask what equipment the DJ uses because it’ll matter just as much as it would good musical instruments for a live band. Your DJ should be certified and know all the ins and outs of connecting the system he or she will use at your wedding. Be sure to ask about back-up equipment in case something breaks. He or she may play several weddings, but you only have one, so it matters if the microphone, mixer, or computer isn’t working on the day of the wedding. Lastly, ask if your DJ provides any other services like lights or video screens. Some couples like this added flare or like to see pictures from their childhood flashed across the video screen when they’re dancing to their first dance. If your DJ can provide all of it, then it’s an easy package deal.


7.    Dry run

Finally, see your DJ has played at your venue before. If not, are they willing to make a trip out there to see it beforehand? A site visit may seem excessive, but acoustics are different in every room. The rules are different for every venue, staff often need to be involved, and these aren’t problems you want to deal with on the day of your wedding. A DJ who is willing to accommodate a dry run will help put your mind at ease.